Temporal Developmental Expression Profiles

These transcriptomic data complement GEO accession GSE60478, a time-course of Mnemiopsis leidyi developmental gene expression for 0-13 and 20 hours post-fertilization. The data here provide additional replicates for 0-13 and 20 hours as well as new timepoints 14–19 hours (GSE111748). As in the original study (Levin et al. 2016) data are from single embryos using the Cel-Seq (Single-Cell RNA-Seq by Multiplexed Linear Amplification). Embryo processing, sequencing and sequence processing were performed in the same manner as the original analyses (GSE60478) so these data should be completely compatible with that study.

View time-course distribution plots of Mnemiopsis developmental gene expression data by entering a ML gene identifier (e.g., ML00011a):