View a Predicted Protein Structure

Utilizing NIH's Biowulf supercomputing resource, protein structure predictions were generated for 15,333 of the 15,336 proteins in the Mnemiopsis proteome.

Each protein structure can be visualized using our implementation of the Mol* Viewer. The viewer allows users to zoom in and out, rotate, stylize, and download protein models. Each protein structure model is color-coded based on its per-residue model confidence score (pLDDT).

Search for a predicted protein structure using a Mnemiopsis protein identifier (e.g., ML02234a):


The full set of Mnemiopsis PDB files, including per-residue pLDDT scores for each protein structure prediction, can be downloaded by clicking on the Download Protein Structures link in the sidebar. The per-residue pLDDT scores can be found in the second-to-last column in each PDB file.